Lena Athanasopoulou | Theft | HDV,  Color, Sound | 6min.| 2015

In her latest work “Theft” the artist presents a fictitious and impossible act: A male figure of the beginning of the 20th century robs the sound from the sea, on a remote place of the Greek northern mainland and traps it on a van-fridge. This “Theft” is formerly an act of love because it is destined to become a gift to his beloved one.

On the second part of the film, we follow the anxiety and the desire of a woman to achieve communication via an extensive frequency search on a shortwave radio. The woman is a character coming out of the same period of time as the male and is being presented with three different head binds. Those head binds belong to the traditional clothing of different religions that co-existed in the city of Thessaloniki during the Ottoman era.

Beyond the impossibility of communication in the presented love story, this is a piece of work that praises the possibility of everything impossible: in the personal and the broader social and political sphere of our present reality.


Lena Athanasopoulou,
Director - Script

Kalesis Theodoros

Stavroula Dimitriadou
Production Manager

Alexandros Dimaratos

Maria Christofidou

Alexandros Sidiropoulos
Sound Designer

Giannis Andrias, Lena Athanasopoulou

Giannis Andrias
Post Production

Zoe Apostolidou
Production Assistant

Nikos Kalaitzidis
Costume Manager

Marialena Chrysogonidou
Ass. costume manager

Aris Giamourtalis
Hair stylist & make up artist

Produced by

Α warm thank you to : Eleni Bintsi Archaeologist-Museologist & Katerina Lygoura Social Anthropologist-Folklorist for their assistance in research at the Folklife and Ethnological Museum of Macedonia and Thrace, Mrs Nelli Melidou-Kefala Honorary Director of the Folklife and Ethnological Museum of Macedonia and Thrace for her valuable assistance during movie shooting and the Radio Museum for lending two Museum objects that were required for movie shooting.

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