She said: I ask for a permission to dream ... what an irony, Dreaming used to go along the sound of the sea. Collage, inkjet print, 33 cm x 48.5 cm, ed.3, 2014.

Our present reality is violently involved in a constant and frequent  metamorphosis due to social and political changes. If public space is a metaphor for order and the natural landscape is a metaphor for freedom, in a period of crisis, order and freedom meet: they either co-exist or fight against each other.

The protagonist is the Female who either escapes, or owing to need, forces herself out of the domestic environment and becomes, the object of constant metamorphosis. She fights in public space against authority, becomes an activist, claims a continuous presence in social and political life. This Woman does not belong to a specific age group, she belongs to the present.


All works were presented at the exhibition Tempus Ritualis curated by Christina Dimitriadis, Christine Nippe & Evanthia Tsandila

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